Will Life on Earth end some day?

Life on Earth has never been easy for any living creature.. as they say only the fittest of all survive. The statement about "Life on Earth will soon end!" Is known to everyone. The rapid climatic changes, rising pollution and other factors are indications of this statement turning into reality. Taking into consideration the current scenario it is not at all wrong to say that the above statement may sadly be true...
However the interesting part lies in the past of our planet... !

Till present Earth has suffered many major extinctions.. may it be the Ice age or the wipe out of dinosaurs or the other ice age(ice age 2)... life on Earth has always been able to recycle.. it seems like the planet is made for life.. Life on Earth has always found a way to survive. 
There has been a similar situation of global warming(trapping of CO2 gas) in the past but life has managed to live till present.. or we can say we have always won this extinction battle against nature.
Scientists predict another mass extinction to occur soon. Due to pollution and population problems and other factors like reduction in green areas.. the Life cycle on Earth can be adversely affected sooner.. It is in our hands to take all necessary prevention steps before it's too late. Ignoring the problem like we do now is not a solution. There can be many reasons to the upcoming mass extinction like drought, floods, etc which are human trigerred whereas volcanoes and meteors are always a threat.. 
If we want the life cycle to proceed without disturbance we should take the steps now.
Because as of now we know that Earth is the only planet that supports life.. so If living here becomes difficult, there's no help the astronomy can provide.. the next basic need for us is to find a home outside Earth as a preventive measure to help nature wipe out the life completely from our universe... 

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