What is your understanding of time?

Until many centuries the understanding of time was very simple. By time we meant if an object starts at t=0 and travels a distance 'x' at t=k with some speed 'v' in India, the he would take the same time 'k' to travel distance 'x' with speed 'v' in USA. Yes this is true. However here the scope is limited to Earth... two points seperated by relatively small distance.
However the understanding was drastically changed when Albert Einstein proposed his famous theory of relativity. The theory put every scientist in shock as it was very wierd and hard to accept! However the theory was found to be wierd yet true as many experiments and observations supported the theory.
We all know that at the beginning of the universe  (time t=0) all that existed was only energy and no matter.
However the energy started condensing into matter. At this moment time wasnt same everywhere. Huge gravitational bodies created perturbations in the space-time and thus time dimension was affeted.
Einsteins theory predicts that time dilates (slows) in a stronger gravitational potential.
Meaning higher is the gravity slower is the time. Yes! Time at a height of 1000km is faster than at surface (by a few nanoseconds ).
These effects are small and can be neglected upto a few kms. However they become considerable when it comes to very huge heights above surface.
The GPS systems on your mobiles are dependent on satellites revolving several kms high in a very weak gravity and hence they need to use relativity to be accurate upto few metres  without which your location would have shown with a huge error of kilometres.
This also means time is not uniform. If you go to jupiter (of very large mass) and live there your time there will go slower than your friend of same age on Earth. Means he will grow more older and you will be younger than him at any time.

Not only gravity but also speed affects time.
Yes! Wierd again?
The theory also states that the faster you move the slower is the time for you.
These effects play a major role in astronomical travels.
If ever intergalactic travels are made. These effects will play a very huge role in designing of path and other factors.

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