What if Mars once supported life?


MARS , as we know , is the planet closer to the Earth and many a times has been compared to Earth by many Researchers and astronomers, thus making it an important planet to be studied in detail that may help us know some of the past secrets of our Solar system.
Even today, Mars has water in the form of ice. Mars can be considered to be a planet that could have sustained life in the Solar system but wasn't as lucky as Our Earth is. Why????
Experiments have shown that the core of Mass is not molten like the Earth. Instead it is a solid that had it's core cooled down billions of years ago. But, Why is this relevant?
As we know , the Sun plays a major role in supporting life but can also destroy it. The high speed solar winds from sun flush harmful charged particles as they move away from the Sun towards planets. These winds are extremely strong. The hot liquid core of a planet provides the planet with a magnetic shield and protects it from solar winds. Mars was unlucky. The cooled core resulted in its loss of atmosphere. 
Many believe that Mars was once rich in oxygen contrary to today where it is rich in Carbondioxide. The Mars also shows signs that indicate it had large oceans few billion years ago. 
Infact if this is true few billion years ago Mars would have been like Earth. A thick atmosphere rich in oxygen. Land rich in water and a suitable pressure and temperature that sustains life. 
According to theories , some say low gravity of mass could have resulted leakage or escape of gases slowly from it's atmosphere thus thinning it to a point it may not be able to support life. 
Some believe that life first occured on Mars and then on the Earth. But then, was life transferred to the Earth by some natural processes like asteroids OR intelligent life existed back then?? But it isn't possible to have intelligent life billions of years ago... 
Did The intelligent life land on Earth but couldn't survive however life started from the basic again on our planet? 
Or did Mars never support life but just lost atmosphere when it was formed due to insufficient gravity to hold it!
How did life enter the solar system.. from another planet system??
So many questions remain unanswered and like a mystery that seem to have no solution..
We all hope that we may find more stronger observations in the future that help us trace back our past and hence help us understand beginning of life and if possible formation of planets in our system..

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