What are the Grand Unified Theory and the Theory of Everything, and what is the difference between them?

Long time ago, we thought there were only three types of fundamental forces:
1. Gravity
2. Electricity
3. Magnetism

Then around late 19th century we realized that Electricity and Magnetism are one of the same force called, "Electromagnetism". BOOM we unified the two forces into a single force. So we had,
1. Gravity
2. Electromagnetism

Then, we found out there are two more fundamental forces, strong and weak interaction. So now we have,
1. Gravity
2. Electromagnetism
3. Weak
4. Strong

**Strong interaction is what holds protons together and make nuclear bomb go BOOM, and weak interaction is usually responsible for the nasty aftermath of radioactive contamination after the BOOM.

With the discovery of the Higgs boson we are now pretty confident that Electromagnetism and Weak forces are one of the same called "Electroweak" force. That's why 2013 Nobel prize in physics was awarded to Englert and Higgs. It is a big deal. So now we have,
1. Gravity
2. Electroweak
3. Strong

We think that we can go even further. We think Electroweak and Strong can also be unified. There are many conjecture and theories about this. Those theories are called Grand Unified Theory (GUT). If GUT theory is tested with experiment and confirmed, we will have,
1. Gravity
2. GUT

You may have noticed by now that Gravity is one of the force we have known for eons but yet have found connection to other forces. It's not because physicists are showing favoritism. It's just REALLY hard to combine gravity with other forces. Because they are SO different. But this does not stop us from thinking about the possibility. There are adventurous people who are going out to the very frontier trying to combine Gravity with other forces. If this is successful we will have a theory to explain how every "stuff" in the universe interact with each other. So we have given the name Theory Of Everything (TOE). Some examples of TOE include, String Theory, and Loop Quantum Gravity. There are other attempts as well. If this is successful, we will have,
1. TOE

One force to rule them all!

Now lastly, I would like to add this plot

Even if we are successful and achieve the Theory Of Everything. We're only understanding 4.6% percent of what is in the universe. We have some idea about Dark Matter, but we're quite clueless about Dark Energy. So there are many physicists working day and night to understand Dark Matter/Energy.

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