Were great scientists like Einstein time travelers?

 Many centuries ago, Science was a simpler subject. After the contributions of great scientists like Issac Newton, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Maxwell, Erwin Schrodinger, Mac Planck, Stephen Hawking, etc, Science today has developed so much that it is divided into further branches and these branches have further sub-branches too!

These scientists undoubtedly had some extra-ordinary minds!

We humans have evolved with time. Our motor skills, intelligence, and many other features have evolved from the past. The visible proof of the evolution of our intelligence is the technology that we use today. With years to come, man will make more technological advances.


Many believe that the great scientists like Newton were actually time travelers as they were too intelligent to fit in their era. And this makes sense too! How can a single man (i.e., Newton) write about gravitation, viscosity, optics, etc.? How can Einstein predict black holes, gravitational waves, time dilation, etc before even they were discovered! Are they really time travelers?

First, lets understand the term time. Time, just like length, width and height, is a dimension.When you travel from your house to the school, you’re traveling through a direction in space, making headway in all the spatial dimensions i.e; length, width and height. But you’re also traveling forward in time, the fourth dimension.

Since time is a dimension, it may be possible for us to move forward or backward in it just like you can walk front and back in the length dimension of space.

But traveling in time is not so easy. It seems that the nature is strict when it comes to the time dimension and wants it to remain undisturbed.

Scientists say that future travel is possible but for that we need to approach the speed of light, which is very difficult considering the amount of technology we have today. This is because time slows down as the speed increases.

However, not many scientists believe that past travel is possible. This is because, traveling in the past would require us to break the speed of light which is not possible due to many reasons.

To travel backward in time, the velocity of spacecraft should exceed:
( Click on the image to zoom)

We know that at the speed of light, the mass of an object becomes infinite and above the light speed would mean above infinite mass. One would require infinite energy to make the object move above light speed which is impossible.

Besides, going back in time would mean reversing all changes that occurred in the Universe and laws wont allow us to do that. 

Thus, it is highly unlikely that great scientists were time travelers. Maybe the evolution was more favourable towards them or maybe because during their time there was no social media to waste their time (haha) and they worked day and night.

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