Water on Mars!

Mars, currently the planet of high interest to us has never failed to amaze the researchers and scientists. Besides being closer to Earth and at a suitable distance from Sun, The planet has many other factors that tend to support life.
After Mars was captured by satellites sent to the planet, the observations showed ho the planet had similar land patterns to that of Earth and that many years ago liquid water used to flow on the planet!
The planet Mars has water ice. Hence there is a very high probability that it may contain liquid water too. Water forms the basic medium for life as it is the most ideal solvent (highly polar) and a good mediun for biological reactions. Hence discovery of water on a planet increases the chances of life on it.
Recently NASA announced the most amazing discovery - water on Mars based on observations and flow of salts on its surface. This is a highly successful achievement related to the planet on Mars.
Astronomers are planning a Mars journey soon and so are developing several modern spaceships and techniques. Water on Mars can be used by Astronauts to suffice their water needs during their journey. Mars surface has Calcium perchlorate spread throughout it's surface. Though toxic, It absorbs water from the atmosphere and hence the water can be extracted by heating it and thus meeting water needs on the planet.
Calcium perchlorate on thermal decomposition gives oxygen. Since it is present in large quantity on the planet using solar decomposition reactors, oxygen can be produced in case of short of supply or emergencies or just for surviving on the planet for more number of days than planned for detailed research.
This is indeed a great moment for us.
If researchers find even the basic micro organisms on Mars after the landing, it will directly support the fact that we are not unique. Life can exist in other places too. And yeah it would also mean Aliens can anytime land on the Earth.

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