Travelling in space!

Man has made tremendous progress in the space technology as we see today. We have probes that have landed on planets like Mars or comets like Ceres. The Voyager 1 is a probe that has already exited the solar system and is in the Interstellar space(Interstellar medium is the medium that seperates two stars and their systems. It is comprised mainly of hydrogen and Helium). It will continue to give Radio signals till 2025 as predicted by NASA. 
However man has not travelled as far as the machines have gone. We only get to see these planets or other objects in the form of images photographed by probes. How long will it take for us to be lucky to see it with our own eyes. 
By far- The only outside Earth body that man has landed on is the Moon. Except moon Man has not landed on any other planet-comet-asteroid as such! NASA expects man to land on Mars by 2025!! If it takes us so long to develop a technology to reach Mars.. imagine how long will it take to reach Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune that are far far away! The question is- will it ever be possible? And we speak of interstellar travels!! Travelling from one planet systems to other planet system!

Well.. the only limitation is the distance. There is no such technology known that can help us travel such large distances in short time. Consider Pluto.. it is 7.5 billion km from Earth, travelling to Mars with now avvailable technology may take us months! And travelling to pluto may take years!!! SO will we ever exit our solar system!

Astronomers are trying hard to reach high speed(possibly close to speed of light). They are applying quantum theories and so on! Many believe in using Antimatter(Antimatter are particles that combine with matter to release energy equivalent to the mass) However handling antimatter maybe difficult as providing its contact with matter is difficult which may cause trmendous damage.
The only option available with us is to take the help of Einsteins Theory! the theory that speaks about worm holes!!
Wormholes are region in space time that connect one point in space time to another Through shortest possible path. Read more about it in my previous articles..

Hope we find a wormhole soon. Discovery of wormholes will be the most revolutionary Discovery in the History as it will make interstellar as well as intergalactic travels possible. 

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