Life on Saturns moon-Titan?

Is there a possibility for life to exist anywhere outside the Earth?
This question has always been in the mind of astronomers and they are making immense effort in finding the extraterrestrial life using the most modern technology that we have today.

One such place outside Earth where life would possibly develop is thought to be the Titan. Titan is the largest moon of Saturn (larger than mercury) and second largest moon in the Solar system. It has an atmosphere rich in METHANE , NITROGEN AND ACETYLENE. 

Due to totally different atmosphere on Titan than Earth ie almost no oxygen, Carbondioxide and water life on Titan seems questionable.

The basic need for life to develop is that under the conditions of planets or moons simple organic molecules in its environment react to form complex organic molecules.
We know that life is made up of complex biomolecules. Proteins,  vitamins, DNA ,RNA are complex organic molecules.

Researchers have found out that under the conditions of Titan and suns UV radiation Nitrogen and methane form HCN and acetylene.  These molecules can further react to form complex molecules.
Researchers also found on supplying energy to gaseous mixture similar to Titans environment Bases found in DNA and RNA can be formed. Also formation of Amino acids is possible.

Thus all biomolecules containing Nitrogen , Carbon and Hydrogen may be produced on Titan. However biomolecules like carbohydrates,  Vitamins , etc that contain oxygen in high % are not possible on Titan. So is life possible without oxygen??

Scientists say YES!

Life solely dependent on Methane-Hydrogen-Acetylene is possible. These organisms may inhale Hydrogen and react with acetylene instead on glucose and the byproduct may be methane. Energy released in the process can be utilised by organisms.
Researchers found out that as compared to upper troposphere on Titan lower troposphere has low% Hydrogen gas and high% methane!!

Some say that as it is believed that life on Earth started with an asteroid strike that transfered life to Earth, many years ago life from Earth must have been transfered to Titan and other parts of solar system. However the methane life on Titan is so different that one can hardly imagine the organisms on Earth to be the ancestors of organisms on Titan.

Owing to distance from the Sun it has low temperature and also absence of major life building block as we know- oxygen and water makes the methane-hydrogen life hypothetical.

Hope we soon land on Titan and search for life there....

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