How will aliens look like?

If you are a fan of science fiction movies or books particularly based on Astronomy, you must have seen how each one describes an alien in a different manner- different size, shape, colour, brain power, etc!
However it is not surprising that Aliens may look like human beings too.. but its also surprising that each habitat on a planet may be different in all perspective than on other planet.
For an alien species to look like human beings or other creature on Earth- the planet on which they survive should be very similar to that of Earth in all sense!
They would breathe oxygen, exhale Carbondioxide and other similar features.
Basically the appearance of a habitat on a  planet depends on their surroundings.
The form of life they live. Scientists say that just like there is a life depending on Oxygen and carbohydrates and Carbondioxide and other molecules there can be a methane based life on some other planet (it is believed a methane hydrogen life exists on Saturns moon Titan- click here to read TITAN  )
Similarly depending on possiblities there may be lives dependent on other compounds and biomolecules!
However the point of interest is their appearance.
How will they be- huge,tall or tiny?
Basically this depends on the availabilityof gases in the atmosphere of the planet.
Like if the life on it is oxygen dependant  and oxygen has a lower concentration at ground level and higher concentration at a height.. the organisms on the planet will be taller and vice versa.
The skin colour depends on the type of life they are developed for.
If they exhibit a methane based life they will surely have a different skin colour than us.
However other basic needs like eyes, ears, nose and other body parts for movement and reproduction that are necessary for survival will mostly be a part of any form of life.
Speaking about their intelligence - owing to Darwins Theory,  their intelligence will depend on the life of their planet... how long ago it was formed and when did it start to support life!

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