How to start a life on Mars!

Well.. How to start a civilisation on Mars? The planet which was once known to support a life is a barren land. Few traces of water ice have been detected. Life on Mars is not easy but atleast its not impossible like on moon. Mars has an environment!  Due to its solid core its core cant act like a magnet and repel all harmful effects from sun like Earth. Also the environment is 95% Carbondioxide and temperature is very low. It may reach 20-35°C at the equator during day time.

SO things we need are-
1. Oxygen
2. Water
3. Habitable temperature
4. Ozone layer
5. Magnetic core.

Oxygen on mars can be thought to be made only by means of trees. Due to Carbondioxide rich environment planting trees is an easy task but supply of water?? Water needs to be imported from Earth. If we plant sufficient trees close to the equator where temperature may vary from below 0°C to 20°C and create a oxygen rich environment it wouldn't be sufficient as the suddenly varying temperatures may not favor fragile life. Man is a fragile animal and cant live in such conditions. Besides to attain an equilibrium between CO2 and O2 only along the equator is impossible.
So should we make closed small systems?? Like a glass shell that has air conditioners and plants in number proportional to number of people living in it?
Well electricity is not a problem. We have the sun. But solar energy system will cost a lot.
A shelter that reflects uv rays and allows non harmful rays for plants to survive.
thats possible !!!

The Earths magnetic core will protect us!

Small bacteria and fungii that balance the mini ecosystem.

The only problem is water!!!

Where do we get water from??
Is there any method in which we can get regular water supply on the planet??

Life on mars is not easy. Its costly and may take 100 of years for us to build a settlement there.

Do email me if you have any suggestions regarding building life on mars!

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