Einsteins Theory of relativity-Fake?

Einstein recieved noble price for his work on Photoelectric effect. His relativity thoery was not well understood by public and hence the society realised its importance a long long time later!

Everything regarding the theory of relativity sounds so strange and wierd...

Like time is not same for everyone.. i mean.. it says time on sun is ticking slower than on Earth! And moreover energy and mass can be interconverted? Like.. Really? Also As objects approach High speed its mass increases and as it approaches speed of light its mass tends to infity! Sounds so so wierdddddd.. doesn't it?

Well lets focus on each- one by one-

1. Firstly Mass to energy is a postulate of theory of relativity! The famous equation E= m x (c)^2  says that each mass has an energy associated with it. This postulate has been proved very well and observed too. The main application is found in nuclear fissions where two nuclei collide to form a nuclei that has some mass lost... the mass lost is in the form of energy! But is there any explanation how can mass and energy be related? Mass suddenly loses its properties and is converted into totally different object- a photon? Is mass made up of photons? But photons are massless! YE we accept the theory but wheres the proof why this conversion is possible?
 Scientists say in the beginning of time there was only energy and no mass. This energy was converted to mass.. we have observed mass to energy conversion in laboratories but energy to mass conversion is still not observed!

2. The second is black hole. Like the theory defines black hole as a region that is so massive that it does not allow light to escape? But we all know that black hole is a previous star whose fuel(hydrogen nuclei) is finished. What if black hole is nothng but a massive object that emits no radiation in visible region and emits in other parts of spectrum? Astronomers have never seen a black hole directly.. How can gravity attract a photon? Does that mean photon has a mass? But einstein says photon dont have any mass! He states the postulate that gravity bends light.. but why does this happen? According to theory of relativity the space-time around gravity bends which causes light to bend.. and proofs of gravity bending light have been obsevred in our own solar system! Also black holes having high mass have been confirmed by mostion of stars around it(read my article regarding mass of black holes). Thus this wierd thing too seems to be true. Once we find a trick to reach black holes all doubts will be cleared and the theory maybe accepted by all!

3. Third thing is the worm holes. Worm holes are regions in space time that allow travelling large distances in short time! Worm holes are a solution of the differentual equations of Theory of relativity.. (get basic knowledge about relativity by watching youtube videos!).These images may explain you better-

         (Shaded region is the space time)
(The astronomical object can be anything like planets, stars, clusters or galaxies) 

Worm holes have not yet been detected. It is believed that worm holes are unstable and form for a very very short time. Hence they are difficult to find! Also the white holes which are the opposite of black holes are supported by Einsteins theory but white hole if exists will not be allowed by thermodynamics as they decrease the entrophy of universe(Read more about white holes on Wikipedia ). Worm hole and white hole look like a demerit of the theory unless proved.

4. The time dilation due to gravity and velocity have been proved many times experimentally. They really sound wierd but they are true!

Einsteins Theory clearly explains us how wierd this universe can be.
Yes it has demerits. Many think that its a virtual theory i.e; it proves to be true because it states we cannot reach speed of ligth. However some scientists believe one day we may reach the speed of light. If this happens- some postulates of this theory will be rejected directly!

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