Do Black holes really exist?

Black holes have been a topic of immense discussion these years! Black holes are nothing but objects in space where huge mass has been compressed into a point( as per definition). A black hole is a point in space that has mass of millions or billion times mass of sun. It means such a large mass is compressed into a single point. A black hole doesnt have a surface like Sun has or the Earth has because it ia point. It has a radius of influence. To be more precious a Sphere of influence. Inside this sphere the black hole dominates. The boundary of this sphere is called the Event horizon of black hole. Once an object enters the event horizon of blackhole- it cant escape- even light cant escape. This is how people imagine the black hole today! Yes right Imagine!!!

No one has observed or pictured the true black hole yet! Astronomers think that they just exist . Stephen Hawkings recently stated that black holes dont exist! There are many contreversies revolving around the Black holes. The major reason being since the black hole are Black they cannot be imaged. Scientists say every black hole has a glowing disk around it. This disc consist of gases that orbit the black hole just like planets around sun. These gases emit due to their high temperature due to huge gravitational friction from black hole. Astronomers identify the black holes by observing these glowing disks. However due to the fact that black holes cant be imaged- many dont seem to believe that they exist. We know that two objects under gravitational force of one another revolve around their center of mass. Like- Moon and Earth revolve around the CM of Earth and moon- As the CM of Earth and moon lies inside Earth- it appears as only moon revolves around Earth. However in case of Binary star system( system having two stars) one can observe that Both stars revovle around their center of mass. So what if the glowing disc is nothing but a disc of plasma material that is revovling around its center of mass? And black hole doesnt exist.

Scientists have observed several stars and its motion closer to center of Milky Way galaxy. By calculating their time period of revolution around the center of galaxy and its semi major axis(or orbital radius) they have arrived to the conclusion that the these stars revolve around a huge massive object that is billions of solar masses!! We just observed that two bodies revolve around their center of mass. So consider a star and the remaining galaxy, Obviously the center of mass of the star and the remaining galaxy lies at the center of the galaxy itself( mass of star is nothing compared to remaining galaxy). So the star is just revolving around the center of mass of galaxy due to gravitational forces( to make it simpler the Earth doesnt revolve around Sun- The center of mass of Earth and moon revolves around Sun, the sun doesnt Revolve around the center of galaxy but the center of mass of solar system revolves around The center of galaxy likewise the center of mass of each star and the galaxy revolves round the center of galaxy !

Stephen Hawkings stated that black holes will be accepted by Quantum mechanics only if they emit A radiation(termed as Hawking Radiation). In short as per him black holes should also emit radiation. But we know that Black holes only absorb radiation. As per recent developments- Hawking Radiation are formed at the event horizon and hence can escape the black hole.( Hawking Radiation are yet to be observed!)

Also black holes are black in color. What if the matter is in a state that it no longer emits In visible Radiation. And it might be emitting in other regions of spectrum. We cant say- as long as we observe a black hole from its vicinity!

Black holes are a mystery and will always be.

Their existence is still doubted by many but many beleieve they exist!

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