Do Black Holes only absorb or do they emit too?


Black holes- The most massive objects in the Universe have masses of about million or billion solar masses that is, million or billion times tha Mass of our Sun. 
Possessing such a high mass that is compressed to a singularity- in a single point makes Black holes strong gravitational valleys. The Gravitational potential of black holes has a very large value even at large distances. These massive Black Holes produce huge turbulence and chaos in the space as well as time dimension.

Matter continuously falls into the Black hole that forms a disk around it that at temperature emits Radiations that can be detected. Hence making indirect method to identify Black Holes.
As mentioned above, Black Holes act as gravitational valleys in the Space by sucking all the Matter that makes close approach to it. Owing to high Masses of Black Holes, the escape velocity of an object from a black hole even escapes the velocity of Light.
That is even a particle if someone attains velocity higher than the light(3 x 10^8 m/s) , it won't be able to escape the gravitational field of the Black Hole.
Consider a Black Hole of Mass 4 billion times the Mass of Sun, suppose a body is at a distance of about 10000Km within the event horizon, so the escape velocity is given by
Ve = ( 2 x G x 4 x 10^9 x 2 x 10^24 / 10^7 )^0.5
Escape velocity os given by root of 2GM/R
Mass of sun= 2 x 10^24  kg
We get the escape velocity to be = 3.27 x 10^8 m/s
That means even light particles that have velocity of 3 x 10^8 m/s cannot escape the Hold of Black Holes field even at such large distances.
This is why the name Black Holes was given to these objects.
However if Black Holes absorb mass and do not allow escape of even Energy from it, it means that once the information enters black holes, it is lost forever from the Universe which violates the Quantam Mechanics law that states that Information can never be lost from the Universe!
So what actually happens to the information that enters the Blacl Holes.
The well known Astrophysicist Stephen Hawkins proposed the existence of Some Radiation that has to escape from the Black Holes at the event horizon by using Quantam calculations.
Is it possible that the Black holes sends back the information that it has absorbed through Hawkins radiations??
Hawkins radiations are still not confirmed and detected. Hence, this theory remains as a debate.
Some believe that Black Holes store information in them although the matter is destroyed.
One possiblity is that Black Holes may be a way to the new dimension of the Universe that has not been well understood by us or which we can't see. And that the information enters into this dimension.
There are many arguments. However, we need thick proof.
Astronomy is all about mysteries and solving them. It will be interesting to see how well do we solve the mystery of Black Holes that are formed from collapsed stars. Understanding Black holes might help us explain how the Universe was formed and many other wonders that the Universe can do!

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