24 hours in the spaceship rotating around Earth

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How would you feel if one day, you get an email from a Space agency that you have won a 1 day trip to their Space station. You will be so happy ,wouldn't you... ?

Here is your 24 hour trip explained in short-

The first thing you'll experience or notice is that the you have been cheated!  (Why?)

We all know according to theory of relativity, higher is the gravity ,slower is the time.
Hence, far away from the Earth- in a space station, where gravity is weaker; time will be faster there!

This means that 24 hrs on the Space station will finish faster than the actual 24hrs on earth surface.(As the time has fastened owing to low gravity. The time also slows due as velocity increases. However, the time dilation due to the speed of vehicle will be less than that of gravity. Thus, overall slowing time! To know more, Click here. )

However the effects are too small to be noted thankfully!

Meaning that 24 hrs up there would finish few nano earlier than that on the Earth.

Besides, Astronauts going on a space journey need special training as body reacts awkardly to low gravity situations.
And if you go suddenly for a one day trip without training. Trust me- you'll be screwed!

There , You cannot eat Your favorite burgers, donuts or pizzas like you'd eat on other trips. You need to eat specially designed energy pills.

You'll have no washrooms. You need to use diapers or be tied to your toilet seats!

Besides, it'll be too cold - like negative temperatures.!!!

However,  amidst all of these factors that might make you not want to go to such a trip, there are even more beautiful factors that will make you want to go on such a trip!
 You'll see the Earth. The true spherical Earth that you wanted see in your life time!

You'll see the naked sun and naked sunrays hitting the windows of the space station. Shining too bright.

The solar system. The diagram which you studied in high school will be live in front of your eyes.

The true beauty of the universe. The sky filled with shining  stars, planets and galaxies!

And all you have to do is sleep and float through the space station and enjoy the view.

We all wish that we'll get a chance like this someday.
The life of astronauts is so amazing!!!!

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